Keeping it together
on the outside...
but falling apart on
the inside?
Golden Solutions for Change & The Soulful 7

Golden Solutions for Change
& The Soulful 7

It’s the perfect time for these seven principles that will help you navigate a world of rapid change! As a new customer checking out my website I want to offer something for FREE.

Ultimate Life Tool Assessment

Ultimate Life Tool® Assessment

Discover your gifts, talents, motivation, purpose, and much, much more!

The Ultimate Life Tool® is a patented instrument that takes about ten minutes to complete and facilitates; family, relationship & interpersonal conflict resolution, as well as, team building, executive coaching, leadership development and career counseling.

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Ultimate Life Tool Assessment
Women Change The World

Women Change The World®

Women are often tossed by the winds of change. If chaotic circumstances are forcing a new chapter in life, Women Change the World® is perfect for you!

This simple 7-Step online program provides guidelines on the importance of self-care, creating healthy boundaries, communicating your needs PLUS…knowing what you want and how to get it!

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Meet Beth Golden, P.h.D.
About Me

It is very common to find ourselves standing at a crossroad…feeling overwhelmed and needing just the right guidance to move forward. Often times, we seek advice from family, friends, colleagues, even those whom we look up to, yet find ourselves back where we started. That’s because we often miss the most significant part of the equation: our own nature!

Beth Golden PhD, is a Motivational Speaker and Certified Life Coach. She is the author of two books: Golden Solutions for Change and The Soulful Seven.

Dr. Golden’s genius is helping women 40 years of age or older recreate themselves so they can live the best of their life for the rest of their life. Of course, the student becomes the master and Dr. Golden realized when her personal life was in chaos so was everything else.

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