From Grumbling to Gratitude

For some reason this really struck a chord with me. I had just moved and I was grumbling about adjusting to our new space. Our previous home was on a lake with spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains. It was beautiful and very isolated. Our new home is well situated with all amenities close at hand. Friends are now 10 minutes away rather than 45 minutes to 1 hour. I’ve participated more in life in the past month than I did in the previous two years. The positive changes far outweigh my fleeting discomfort as we made this new house our home.

The following statement put all into perspective very quickly. What if I didn’t give thanks for our new home and woke up the next morning and it was gone? What if I complained about my husband, children, dogs, vehicle, good health and happiness and all were gone the next morning because I failed to recognize my blessings? Yikes!

Have you heard the statements: Like attracts like, energy follows thought, what you reap what you sow? When you replace grumbling with gratitude your vibration changes and you maintain the goodness in life, as well as, drawing new and wonderful blessings to you. Your prayers would certainly sound different as you focus on the positive outcome rather than the fearful outcome. For example: Dear Lord, please protect my son as he flies overseas ~versus~ Thank you Lord for protecting my son as he flies overseas. The first prayer implores God to do something. The second acknowledges the request as complete. Give thanks for what you have and give thanks for what you’d like to draw into your life. Watch as your good now overtakes you in surprising ways!

Gratitude means being appreciative of benefits received…no matter how they’re presented in the first place! When you learn to quickly shift from grumbling to gratitude you become non-resistant and allow spirit to create the perfect path. Being grateful helps your personal frequency change and tune into all that is perfect, whole and complete. The longer you stay tuned to that channel the more your life is filled with health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression.