Improve your
relationships overnight…

Life is all about relationships and
how we impact one another

Even if they suck right now, you’re pissed off and are DONE!

What if you knew what to expect from someone in terms of performance, preference and adaptability by just looking at them?

What if family and co-workers understood you completely and your life became purposeful and productive every day?

Well...You can!

Ladies how often have you felt as though:

You please everyone but yourself…so they’re happy and you’re not!

You keep dating the same “wrong” person over and over again!

You consistently argue with your mate and children, sucking the life out of you.

You’re very quiet and observant and others view you as a condescending snob.

Your direct nature hurts people’s feelings and you’re thinking…what the hell, it’s the truth!

You love creating order but can be viewed as controlling or manipulative.

You get rejected because of your beautiful curves and aren’t seen for your loving, natural healing disposition.

If you are nodding your head… What are you waiting for?

Do these objections sound familiar?

“I’d love to be seen & heard but…”

If so, you’re in the right place.

INTRODUCING… The Ultimate Life Tool®

You're about to experience a Golden opportunity to discover your perfection and move through life with Courage, Clarity and Confidence!

The Ultimate Life Tool® technology is “The Missing Link” because it is the only tool that reveals physical law as it relates to the uniqueness of each individual.

No two people completely alike. Discovering your individual characteristics can change the quality and outcome of your life by offering better choices and alternatives.

The Ultimate Life Tool® technology is the first step to improve your performance in business, home, and life.

The best part is…this technology is objective; meaning you don’t have to give up anything to embrace and understand what motivates you and others.

Ladies, It’s Time!
You’ll receive your 7-9 page personal report, plus a complimentary 30-minute consultation!

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Here’s what’s included: Course Features

The Skinny... Get the cutting edge with:


Increase your energy and enthusiasm. Make decisions that align with the miraculous YOU. Create and maintain meaningful relationships in business, home, love and life. Learn what makes your heart sing. Quiet your mind chatter and feed what truly motivates you.


Get a fresh perspective on what works and doesn’t work in your relationships. Learn about the role your personal preferences and boundaries play in your relationships. Make conscious and aware choices on whether to embark or disembark. Replace unattainable expectations with clear standards

Compatibility Assessment

Experience a visual display of similarities and differences in personal dispositions. Gain new insights on why you (and others) do the things you do…the way you do them. Cultivate a newfound respect for each other’s differences. Develop a space where differences are appreciated and benefit the whole.

Conflict Resolution

Overcome disagreements, judgments, and misunderstandings by assessing the clarity of thought and true nature of all parties involved. Reach a destination where neutrality is achieved and the right action is taken to achieve the desired outcome.

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All prices in U.S. Dollars ENROLL ME NOW

Hey Ladies,

I’m Beth Golden Ph.D. and I’m so excited our paths have crossed!

I’m a speaker and coach that loves helping women 40 +, honor their unique nature when reeling from sudden change…I’ve gotcha!

My top value is Love. My genius is helping women re-create themselves so you can life the best of your life for the rest of your life! I’ve experienced many upheavals and it’s my mission to get you through yours as quickly as possible.

The end result many clients receive look like; Women who know who they are and what they want. They communicate their needs, thus setting healthy boundaries. They know the best environments in which to thrive and make choices accordingly. AND they say “yes” or “no” in alignment with their priorities.

This Program is a Great Fit If…

  • You’re starting over again and want to write your next chapter in life with tools that are in alignment with your amazing qualities and unique talents.
  • If you are a mother and want to know how to satisfy your needs, as well as, know what makes your children tick and how to support their growth.
  • You are starting a new career and want to use your gifts & talents in a new and more personally satisfying way.
  • You love to learn and are committed to look at life differently in order to thrive.
  • You have a huge heart and a creative mind with a desire to be out of struggle, live large and make a massive positive change in your life and the lives of others.

This Program is Not a Good Fit If…

  • You know you are awesome and are not interested in scientifically sound tools to improve communication and interpersonal relationships.
  • You blame others for your current situation in life. This information is personally &/or professionally expansive. Once you receive this information you will be 100% responsible for your actions and interactions.
  • You don’t believe in miracles.
  • You have no desire to use change as a catalyst to create your BEST life, and are stuck in anger, mistrust and are overly critical.

You’ve Got Questions... I have answers!

  • How do I get access to the Ultimate Life Tool® Assessment?

    Upon payment you will receive your code and instructions about taking the assessment.

  • What education and/or training do you have that relates to this program?

    I have an AA in Medical Assisting, as well as, a Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. in Metaphysical Sciences/Spiritual Counseling. I’ve earned the highest level of certification from The Y.O.U Institute as a Professional Life Coach and Trainer. I have a diverse background that spans from aerospace, biotechnology, education and human relations. My passion and drive have always circled back to human behavior and what makes each of us tick. I’ve been a practicing professional coach since 2007.

  • How did you get started in this type of work?

    I was an executive assistant for 25 years before the sudden loss of my husband due to a motorcycle accident. After taking time off of work I was able to consider…what do I really want to do. I chose to go back to school to satisfy my love of science and got degrees in Metaphysical Sciences. I’ve always been intuitive and connected with spirit and knew that aspect of ‘self’ could not be overlooked so that’s when I became a professional life coach using methods that are based on science AND practical spirituality.

  • What advice would you give someone looking to hire a life & relationship coach?

    1. Know that there is not a cookie-cutter solution or answer to your questions. We are all as unique as our thumbprints. What works for me, may not work for you. So, when selecting a Life Coach, you want to evaluate their methodology and make sure that they have a way of understanding you beyond your past history or what you may perceive of yourself or others.
    2. Find out if the coach is willing to have a free phone or video conferencing consultation with you. If it important that you talk first before making a commitment.
  • What questions should someone think through before talking to a professional coach?

    1. Your commitment to learning a new way of approaching your life and your relationships is very important. Before investing in a Life Coach, ask yourself: how committed am I?
    2. Think about your availability to put in the work. My coaching sessions are very interactive and require your attention as well as participation in taking action.
    3. It is important to reduce the negative influences around you while you’re focusing on you. Take an inventory of your life right now. Are you distracted by something or someone? Are you in a toxic relationship or are the people around you supportive of your personal growth? These are important questions to ask yourself. Either way, you definitely want to discuss them with your coach.
    4. Lastly, I am so proud of you seeking help, guidance, and ways to enhance your life. You got the first step covered.
Ladies, It’s Time!
You’ll receive your 7-9 page personal report, plus a complimentary 30-minute consultation!

Pay In Full

All prices in U.S. Dollars ENROLL ME NOW
I look forward to your happiness and success!