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  • “My experience with Dr. Beth was truly eye-opening. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but came away with realizing how to react to different people in my personal and work life. She was precise, knowledgeable and very thorough. I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants to understand themselves and the people around them better.”

    Shelley M.
    Broomfield, CO
  • “It was a great workshop. So positive, with super heart-centered content. I had a couple of Ah ha moments helping me get more focus on clarifying my mission. I LOVE the CC&C style of leadership awareness. It’s leadership from the Feminine perspective, nurturing and empowering at the same time. So timely a message for a world that needs to learn this now!”

    Kate Solisti
    Internationally known Animal Communicator, Author and Educator
  • “Beth, thank you so much for helping my daughter and me with the Ultimate Life Tool Assessment. It helped us understand each other and give us clarity on why and how we do the things we do. We appreciate your insight, intuition, and assistance!”

    Sarina Baptista
    International Speaker, Author, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher
  • “Challenge: Feeling stagnate and aimless around creating new career and new life after bad marriage. Result: Dr. Golden’s business coaching was very effective for me in getting clear on my personal career direction and my abilities which would support my choices. Her work lifted me and was very empowering, and stabilizing. Her positive attitude is a bonus. Most coaches fly in their positive attitude and maybe bring information to the table. With Dr. Golden age brings competent assistance and a great attitude. Her work has stayed with me. Very helpful. Benefits: I have a life direction, I know I am more than capable and I am fueled by that. I also now have an education I’m preparing to complete. I feel I wouldn’t have a meaningful full life turn around without Beth’s tremendous assistance.”

    Susan M.
  • “I had the opportunity of working with Dr. Beth Golden. I have to say I was not too sure how it was going to turn out, but I kept a open mind. I am glad I did! Dr. Beth brought a lot of things to my attention that just made sense to me. It’s amazing how accurate she was when it came to my personality type. I work for a small company and we did this as a team. And it really helped to bring understanding on how we can work best with each other. And has definitely improved our work environment greatly. Over all my experience with Dr. Beth was great she is really easy to work with, smart and you can tell she cares about her clients.”

    Charles J.
    Oceanside, CA
  • “I was skeptical at first about the results Dr. Beth could provide me. However, after a short and easy test Dr. Beth was able to pin point who I was and how I react to certain situations. Valuable information that I didn’t know I needed – but now I am so happy that I have it! I’d recommend her services to any woman who wants to know herself better. It makes a world of difference!”

    Lisa P.
    Longmont, CO / Over The Top Living
  • “My experience with Dr. Beth was truly an experience I won’t forget. Not only did this experience lead me to discover some truths about myself but it also helped me to see my co-workers in a different way. The team optimization experience was helpful and eye-opening! Thanks Dr. Beth.”

    Oceanside, CA
  • “Dr. Beth is wonderful! We asked her to consult with us and our staff so that we could better understand each other’s differences and similarities. Dr. Beth asked each person to complete their assessments using the “Ultimate Life Tool” online. The assessment didn’t take very long and was easy to do. After the assessments Dr. Beth spoke with each person individually and explained the meanings of our comprehensive performance reports and what they revealed of our natural traits. Dr. Beth gave us a group presentation where we learned about each other and how to best interact together. Since our meeting with Dr. Beth we’re working more effectively together. We understand each other’s differences and appreciate them. We’re thankful to have had the opportunity to invest in our employees and better understand them. They, as a result, are more appreciative of their jobs and the positions they hold within the company. We highly recommend Dr. Beth for her consultation services and consider the investment in our employees money well-spent.”

    Mimi Lively
    Owner, Medical Equipment Recyclers / ZRG, llc
  • “I need a dose of magic. Mine feels used up by the harder facts of life. Oh, hell, I’m depressed. Beth knows about depression, knows about facts, too, but she’s strong, always has been; she just keeps forgetting. We are seasoned in each other’s lives, Beth & I, our joys and sorrows woven into a tapestry of shared history. When we met she had long, dark hair and the face of an angel. I’m not sure I believe in angels. How exactly can one know? But I believe in Beth. She keeps her promises and my secrets, gets my jokes, and has given me unconditional love for all the years I’ve known her and all the times I didn’t deserve it.”

  • “I just wanted to tell you that when I left your office and headed to work I could not ignore the strong energy I carried. Of my day at work was happy, I make sure of that always. And more so that day, I guess it was so strong that my co-workers not only picked up on it, they actually fed on it and were pleasant to be around with, (which is usually not the case). I wanted to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for our meeting. You are a beautiful, courageous, and spiritual woman. I’m privileged and appreciative for us crossing paths.”

    Encinitas, CA
  • “Dr. Beth Goldens book was an inspiration to me. While sitting in the doctor’s office on one of my many visits I found a new outlook. Being a chronic pain patient and losing my husband four years ago I found myself in the state of “tossed salad”. This book allowed me to take a step back and realize that I was not alone and that I had within myself the power to take control. Thank you for your insights and words that were my salvation that day.”

    Gina C.
    Broomfield, CO
  • “You afforded me the opportunity to really get clear the value of what I do. My experience of our conversation left me feeling empowered and uplifted. Your professional, yet personal way of being had me feel very comfortable, relaxed and excited to share what I have to offer. I feel so confident that our conversation will change at least one listener’s (possibly many more) idea about how they can take charge and be responsible for their own well-being. You are fabulous at what you do. Thanks for bringing such an amazing program to the planet. Your gift is extraordinary. Thank you for your insights and words that were my salvation that day.”

    LeighAnn M.
    Longmont, CO / Over The Top Living
  • “Dr. Beth worked with our firm on an Advanced Human Assessment Instrument, called “THE ULTIMATE LIFE TOOL” to enable us to work and communicate more efficiently with our employees and to better vet new-hires. I was completely surprised by the depth and thoroughness of the assessment and Dr. Beth’s explanation of the results was very helpful. I could immediately apply the knowledge she provided to facilitate better communication in our office, and create the means for better conflict resolution. The aspect that I appreciated the most were the distinct phrases she supplied me with to use with certain individuals to calm tense moments or alleviate charged situations.” She also went above and beyond by sending me a recap of the conversation so that I could come back to it once I had considered her information for a few days and refresh my memory. We are seriously considering having all of our staff and our future hires take the test prior to finalizing employment. I highly recommend this service to any professional looking for more efficient inner-office communication.”

    Robert Underwood
    Acupuncturist and Co-Owner / Good Life Acupuncture and Wellness Center
  • “The one word that comes to mind is truth. She not only showed me the truth of my own perspectives of self, but showed me the truth of my experiences, strengths and hopes and how to implement those in all areas of my life. I would recommend that anyone who is fortunate enough to be granted the opportunity to receive her guidance do so. She truly has Golden Solutions and Insights.”

    Alice J.
    Loveland, CO